Sunday is projected to be 100 degrees, which means I won't be able to keep my thighs inside these anti-cat-calling body-restricting jeans much longer. So THANK YOU Miss Eaves (AKA Shanthony Exum) for this hot new summer anthem called "Thunder Thighs" whose attitude just kills any sense of negativity and fear. Directed, produced, choreographed, and performed by all women in Brooklyn, this video had me at it's first lyric, "chub rub, the day is just heating up." Top that with some ice cream, great hair, hot fashion, a diverse cast, and you've got a hit that could weather all four seasons.

Regarding her new album, (Feminasty, out everywhere August 4), Miss Eaves told Elle: "I really dive into my feminist feels about a lot topics like female masturbation, fuccbois, Internet trolls, and men telling me to smile. It is really a labor of love and comes from the most genuine place and I am super proud of it." YES GRRL.

Check out more of Miss Eaves's work in The Every Body Project, "an inclusive style blog that aims to combat the body image issues that arise from the media's narrow portrayal of beauty."