Let’s see... where does one start when describing the Federale, Máscaras, and Savage Family Band show to a person who’s never heard them? Welp, at the risk of sounding like a fangirl/groupie, these are some very heavy hitters in the Portland music scene. You know when Courtney Taylor-Taylor makes it out to the new Know, you might have a show on your hands. 

Collin Hegna, who was a touring member of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, fronts Federale. Meanwhile the Savage Family Band, led by Chad Savage (Huntingtons, Battleme), is an all-star mish mash including Paul “Paulie” Pulvirenti (who was Elliott Smith’s drummer), and William “Billy” Morisey Slater, who was in Grails and also a fill-in for Modest Mouse. And then there’s local favorites Máscaras, whose bassist Theo Craig just informed me he’s in a really popular touring band named Alexandra Savior and also has a great show on XRAY.FM. 

So now you know, okay? And while these pics from the show are a pretty good substitute, you won’t want to miss the next time a lineup this good comes around.

I’m a huge sucker for a well-fitting cropped flair paired with a clog… Marissa Sullivan
… as well as a fringe leather vest. Marissa Sullivan
Smokin’ hot in Off the Walls. Marissa Sullivan
William Morisey Slater and Collin Hegna twinning in the Ryan Adams uniform. Marissa Sullivan
Savage Family Band frontman Chad Savage killing the curly hair game. Marissa Sullivan
I appreciate the floral blazer. Marissa Sullivan