Well, here we go again, highlighting another Unmentionable: A Lingerie Exposition. And yes, just like last year, I was the emcee—but I’m not gonna toot my own horn. Because while I killed it last year, this time around I felt my hosting skills were... a bit sub-par, shall we say? However, I did have one funny anecdote that didn’t fall flat: I asked the crowd what word they preferred I use when talking about unmentionables (AKA underwear): “Do you like chonies, undies, or what??” Someone yelled “panties,” and I responded by saying that my best friend’s male OBGYN once asked her to “take off your panties.” Okay, maybe it was more gross than funny, but at least it got a laugh. Hey! I told you it wasn’t my best year! 

Nevertheless, this event was a lot of fun. Besides all the gorgeous lingerie from the city’s best designers, another highlight was one of the hot male models wearing a leash and being walked around the catwalk like a hot pup! Oh, and the crowd (pictured here) looked pretty great, too. By the way, what do you call your first layer? I prefer “chones,” short for chonies. No? Okay. Bye! xo, PP

Fierce AF in red trousers. Marissa Sullivan
She told me this jacket was from Japan—which explains why she’s doing the robot. Marissa Sullivan
A very cute couple indeed. Marissa Sullivan
Oh, and don’t get me started on this dynamic duo! Marissa Sullivan
Black and white from head to toe, and a harness for good measure. Marissa Sullivan
Love the pasties. Marissa Sullivan