Remember when Pharrell Williams wore an oversized brown Vivienne Westwood “Buffalo” collection hat at the Grammy awards? It’s cool if you don’t, ’cause look! Someone wore a copycat version at the One Moto Show this year. Now if that’s not grace and elegance that signifies a cutting-edge event, I don’t know what is! I promise Portland hasn’t jumped the shark yet, guys!

Nah, I’m yust yoking—I think it’s cool there was someone at this very popular annual custom motorcycle event taking a fashion risk. Everyone else was dressed kind of how you’d expect: sassy vintage peddlers with cute haircuts, nice Pointer chore coats, that tan Carhartts color (you know the one), and Harley Davidson logos (sometimes in the form of butt patches) as far as the eye could see—all good stuff.  

I may know dick-all about moto-ing, but I do know people really enjoy this event, and the organizers do an amazing job of incorporating the work of local artists, which I very much appreciate. What I’m trying to say is, it’s definitely worth the five bucks whether you ride or die (are those the only options?). So if you’re going next year, start planning your hat choices now. xo, PP