Welcome to summer! It’s the time of year when the number of skate-and-surfboard-related events I attend jumps astronomically. True, I’m not a surfer, even though I’ve tried it—and yet here I am at another surf event, which for me is frankly a little off-brand. But as one of my friends texted me the other day, “Board sports are so hot right now!” (And who am I to disagree?) This particular event was the Party Wave PDX annual surf show celebrating the tasty (and cold!) waves of the Pacific Northwest. Oregon surfers have to be tough, which is reason enough to celebrate them. Party Wave featured 25-plus surfboards (that were shaped right here in the PNW), art, photography, and live music. Plus, there were all sorts of peeps, guys, girls, kids, and dogs. It was cute and oh so wavy. xoxo PP

LEFT: Lovin’ the all-white, my guy. RIGHT: Also lovin’ the dark pants with white socks/shoe combo.
LEFT: I’ve taken her picture before, and in very similar pants. She says she has them in four colors—I’m not mad. RIGHT: Digging this one’s jacket/pants proportions. Not many people can pull off baggy like this.
LEFT: Another one to add to my “Babes with Pugs” series. RIGHT: I could change it to “Babes with Dogs”; I don’t have to specify pugs, I suppose.
Cute momma with her cute kiddo.