Remember the last time I wrote this article? When I sagely noted that “board events are so hot right now”? Well, surprise! I’m back on my bullshit again, this time at Portland’s edition of Go Skateboarding Day 2018. It was sponsored by classic skateboard company CCS and Nike SB who were giving away a Cadillac De Ville... to whoever performed the best trick on the car’s trunk. Holy shit, what a scene! The Caddy got thrashed during the 30-minute jam sesh, and some guy who doesn’t even have a license won the Caddy and got to drive it away—albeit illegally. Classic! Nice work to everyone involved in making this fun event happen! My only complaint? No one was selling beer... maybe next year CCS and Nike SB can jump on that? XOXO, PP

Babes in black.
Track pants are back with a vengeance.
Thank you, indeed.
Just an all-around win, head-to-toe.