There’s nothing I love more than hot summer nights when I can ride around on my bike with friends, the thought of needing a jacket never crosses my mind, and I forget (just for a bit) that I have to work tomorrow. It reminds me of my childhood, before I had a mortgage (or even knew what a mortgage was) and my only concern was getting home before the streetlights came on.

But what I really love about summer is knowing that extra layers won’t be covering up my look. My dress won’t be masked by a jacket, my tee won’t be covered by a sweatshirt. In summer, everyone comes as they are.

It was exactly that kind of night when I recently stopped at one of my favorite Portland bars. There was a birthday party going down, and casually comfortable, effortless summer cuties were there. Naturally, I insisted on taking their pictures... and they were kind enough to oblige. Happy summer nights, everyone. XOXO, PP