Don’t worry, guys—I’ve finally realized that it’s officially time to mix things up. But while my last couple of articles have been surf- and skate-themed, the seasons are about to change, and so will the vibe of Portland’s Pretty. Fall’s the time for fashion shows and indoor events... maybe you’ll even see a scarf? I’m kinda curious about what y’all are thinking about wearing when the weather changes. Me, I’m happy plaid pants have returned (check and herringbone). I’m loving the dad sneaker... still. And thanks to skateboarder Nora Vasconcellos, the color lavender is back and it ain’t goin’ nowhere. I plan on keeping it baggy this fall... skinnies are done, while big-ass sweaters and coats are going to be a staple, as well as looser bottoms. Lastly, I think I might finally jump on this teddy coat thing... ’cause shearling coats don’t seem to be leaving either. Hopefully, I’ll see Portland wearing some of these in the months to come, so I can snap ya up! But before then, let’s look at the style at one last summer skate event—the CCS Invitational Pro Skate Contest and Carnival. Some of the biggest names in skateboarding were there, but the only two I care to mention are my personal faves, Elissa Steamer and Nora. There were a few fashionable girls rocking biker shorts, AKA the summer trend that doesn’t seem to be catching on in Portland the way I thought it would. But take a look for yourself! It was fun and hot—like, weather-wise. But I gladly soaked it up, because I know these days will be gone all too soon. xoxo PP