What would I be without Treefort, Idaho’s li’l music fest in the mountains? Well, I’d have at least 10 fewer friends, for starters. Some of those include Brooklyn band the Muckers, Portland’s own WIBG, and more Treefort-goers than I can name. The beauty of this Boise festival lies in its small-town appeal and ability to nab big-time acts such as Vince Staples, Liz Phair, American Football, Chai, and (big-time supporters since day one) Built to Spill. It reminds me of what MusicFestNW used to be before it moved to the waterfront. However, while Portland’s MFNW venues were scattered throughout the city, Treefort shows are never much farther apart than a mile, and in most cases are just mere steps away. Every year I learn about someone new: Last year I was absolutely floored by Clarke and the Himselfs, a trans one-person psych rock band who simultaneously plays drums and guitar. This year that award goes to Gaelynn Lea, who’s not only a jaw-dropping violinist and songwriter, but also a disability rights activist. Now that’s a festival I can get behind! xoxo, PP