I’ll admit it: At this point, I’m old enough to be the mother of a Gen Z-er. And yet I still find myself at their parties from time to time. Lucky for me, a hip kid invited me to an art show at One Grand Gallery last week, so I decided to check it out, because... well, let’s be honest: My photos can be a little skater heavy from time to time, though I’m doing my best to expand my repertoire. (In fact, this is the perfect time to mention that if you ever want me to come to your event and take photos, just hit me with a flyer in my DMs @portlandspretty, and I’ll try my best to make it!)

The One Grand show for fashion designer/artist Lupe Gallardo (and her line, Lupe’s Grocery Store) was rad. Hypebeasts abound, and I saw a lot of clothing I wouldn’t see otherwise. Think homemade Supreme by Lupe, Heir, NOAH, girls rocking Umbro shorts, Sean Wotherspoon Air Max shoes, and... well, you get the point, right? If you don’t, just take a look at the photos. Hopefully, I did the event justice! Love... your Gen Y “mom.” Or maybe just “cool aunt.” xoxo, PP