As many of you may know, or not because no one reads this besides my mom (Hi mom! JK, my mom definitely doesn't read this), I work at a modeling agency by day. While Portland has a few of them, new agencies pop up all the time. Some flop instantly, while others stick around for a minute. But rarely are they ever trying to do anything other than being just a modeling agency. Well, Super plans to change that, aiming to be "a talent agency, a casting director, a community, your new friend, a voice, you.” And more power to them! Super was started by one-time model Lillian Hardy who hated the way her former agents behaved, asking her to lose weight and treating her like a number instead of a person. As Hardy says, "Super aims to hit the reset button on culture by challenging our socialized norms in the beauty industry—we want our platform to widen the scope of what is considered beautiful, and amplify our voices and access to a greater community through inclusive and diverse values." What Hardy's doing is so wildly different from everyone else in town, I hope everyone welcomes her with open arms. (I certainly gave her a hug!) xo, PP