THURSDAY, JULY 22 8:00 FOX LEGALLY BLONDE--Movie (2001) Reese Witherspoon stars as a sorority gal who follows her boyfriend to law school and discovers self-discovery stuff. 9:00 WB STUDIO 7 Debut! In this blend of reality and quiz shows, seven contestants live together in a house and then compete in a knockdown drag-out trivia war.

FRIDAY, JULY 23 8:00 VH1 THE SURREAL LIFE Tammy Faye Messner, Ron Jeremy, Erik Estrada and others help Vanilla Ice work through his emotional problems. 9:00 MTV2 SPIDER-MAN The terrific animated series starring Neil Patrick "Doogie Howser" Harris and Ian "90210" Ziering!

SATURDAY, JULY 24 8:00 NBC CHICKEN RUN--Movie (2000) Before he started beating Christ senseless, Mel Gibson lent his voice to this charming claymation flick from Wallace and Gromit director, Nick Park. 9:00 MTV BRITNEY SPEARS LIVE FROM MIAMI Pop music's worst lip syncher does her Milli Vanilli act from Miami.

SUNDAY, JULY 25 8:30 FOX ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Buster and the aging Lucille 2 (Liza Minnelli) gross everybody out by going on a date. 9:00 HBO SIX FEET UNDER After surviving a bizarre attack, David chooses to lean on two of his old friends, depression and repression.

MONDAY, JULY 26 10:30 MTV THE ASSISTANT Andy Dick continues to torture his 12 hapless assistants in this funny send-up of reality shows and death camps.

TUESDAY, JULY 27 7:00 VH1 PURPLE RAIN--Movie (1984) The Kid (Prince) must battle Morris Day and his massive ego to win the heart and bust of Apollonia. 8:00 FOX TRADING SPOUSES: MEET YOUR NEW MOMMY This week a Christian home is taken over by a raging alcoholic housewife. Hey! Just like when I was a kid!

WEDNESDAY, JULY 28 8:00 UPN AMISH IN THE CITY Debut! Hilarity ensues when the Amish kids get trapped on an escalator! 10:30 COM RENO 911! Officer Garcia gets the gig of a lifetime when he's asked to be the personal bodyguard for Kenny Rogers!