My vegan friends were all excited this weekend over a sweet discovery: Skittles candy has gone vegan. And, if anyone cares, gluten-free. The bags of delicious sugar droplets were vegan in other countries (specifically, their website notes, India and Indonesia) but in the USA Skittles still included gelatin until very recently. The real-life vegan with the giant Skittles feedbag below reported that some Skittles packages on Safeway's shelves still contained gelatin this weekend, others had a newly-revised ingredients list.

It looks like Skittles made this switch quietly for some reason. There's no news articles or info on their website about banishing gelatin from their US ingredients. You'd think they would be exciting about opening up Skittles to 8 million more sugar-crazed consumers. Maybe they're worried about stirring up more wrath from PETA?