Here's a question I'd never thought I'd be asking: Is CNN better at making "best of" lists than PETA? Why, yes they are!
On Monday the CNN Travel site named Portland as the Best City for Street Food... In the entire fucking world! Yeah! Take that Bangkok! Take that Beijing! We're number one!

Okay. While I do believe we have an amazing, even world-class, street food scene, I will admit to being slightly skeptical about ours being the best in the world. Still, we've got our pods. We've got our amazing taco trucks. I'm not complaining.

Funny thing, though: I'm blogging from LA, and every time I strike up a conversation with people down here and the topic turns toward food, they're all, "There are so many food trucks in LA. There's like 300 or something. We're so over it."

Over it? Hell, we're over 500 mobile food units in the much smaller PDX and we're barely toeing the line on "over it." Why do you think that is?