Man, sometimes you've got to give it up to your media frenemies for scoring the awesome "get". That's why I'm tipping my porkpie to Eater PDX for this:

  • From Eater PDX

That's a photo from Oasisba, where all the servers are drag queens and all of the food is Asian cuisine. Hit it, Eater:

The just-outside-the-Pearl location (across the street from the Mission Theater) may seem a bit odd for a drag-meets-Asian food spot, but Oasisba's staff features famous-in-LA queens ChiChi and Chonga (famous for live-rapping to Salt N Pepa), among others, performing sets in between food service — every hour, on the hour. Also: The lengthy cocktail menu features Thai iced tea with Maker's Mark, which is kind of life-changing. Also: Drag queens serving Asian food. Then lip-synching to Kylie and/or a track from Dreamgirls. Then refilling your water glass. Brilliant.

Damn. I think one of my biggest regrets about leaving the Mercury food critic post is not being able to review this place. C'est la vie. You wanna do it?