For the first time in my life, I have a cavity. (Also, for anyone planning on sleeping with me, I have to start wearing a mouthguard. Something about enamel.) The culprit, no doubt, is Alder's Matthew Zack, who, with his canele's and gelatos, has rekindled my romance with pastry and dessert. My favorite item in his arsenal is the kouign amin, a buttery, salty, sweet croissant-like pastry that, before Alder, was totally foreign to me. So I was delighted to see that Eater has a step-by-step photo essay of the process. Nice to see, as my mouth waters, what exactly is causing it to rot.

  • Photograph by Dina Avila, Via EaterPDX

In other Alder news, you may remember my one qualm with the bakery was the lack of booze, which, I argued, limited its effectiveness as a late-night date spot (Note: I don't actually expect you to remember this). I was pleased, then, to see this bright green rectangle, a la the OLCC, hanging in Alder's window. Glad to see they've come around.

Please excuse my inability to take decent iphone photos
  • Please excuse my inability to take decent iphone photos