Our Main Man & Office Manager Brad Buckner
  • Our office manager Brad Buckner just before he hogged all the effing blueberries

Back in March, as part of our Get To Know A Farmer series, I asked Brian Martin about the Working Hands Farm CSA. Today we got a chance to sample their goods. Working Hands Farm, in collaboration with Juliet Zulu (full disclosure: some of them are friends of mine, and one of them is kind of an ornery little shit), is traveling around the city today handing out miniature versions of their CSA box to like-minded people and businesses. They made fifty small boxes to distribute to Portlanders that they felt put put craft and excellence first (Coava Coffee, Tanner Goods, Duchess Clothier), organizations that line-up with their vision of community building and altruism (The Dill Pickle Club, Mercy Corps), and, of course, local food-media types. They're posting photos of each drop off on Twitter and Juliet Zulu's following with video cameras. As far as viral-campaign things go, I think this one's pretty cool. Then again, maybe my affection can be bought.