Well, Portland, your last chance to visit two local eateries-of-sorts is rapidly approaching: this week will see Kin, an Asian-inspired restaurant on NW 14th, and Northwest Sweets, a candy shop in the heart of the NW 23rd shopping district, close their doors for good.

I stopped in for a bite at Kin last Saturday, as I had not been in the two years since its creation and was alerted to the impending closure by one of their former employees. In a perfect world, the culinary community would have been proud enough of chef Kevin Shikami's assertive yet delicate flavors and superior technique to support his admittedly shitty location and relatively high price points. The restaurant is beautiful, cozy, and serves great food. It's a damn shame when that's not enough. Kin will be shuttering before Saturday.

Northwest Sweets has been open about as long as Kin, created and run by Steve Gazda (Paulee's current pastry chef). This old-fashioned sweet shop has featured handmade caramels and old-school sweets in addition to regionally unique candy bars, bulk licorice, and generally-dangerous-to-diabetics delights. For lack of sufficient foot traffic, Sunday will be the last day to enjoy such a well-curated candy selection, so get it while you can.

Visit while you still can and wish these talented folks well on their way to bigger and better things. These businesses did not fail due to a lack of gastronomic taste or talent, in my opinion, and I expect great things from each chef and proprietor. One can only thank them for their efforts and energy and the great experiences had in each respective establishment.

A stellar duck entree at Kin with kobucha squash
  • Clare Gordon
  • A stellar duck entree at Kin with kobucha squash

Kin is located at 524 NW 14th.

Northwest Sweets is located at 740 NW 23rd.