Hand-Eye Supply has been hosting free lectures and demonstrations on Tuesday nights for several years now, in a series called the Curiosity Club, a fortnightly event whose mission statement is: "Ex Curiositas, Scientia. We pledge to learn with out prejudice in pursuit of our mutual goal; perpetual noviceship. We admit that it is impossible to know everything about anything and thus we remain perpetually curious and perpetually novice."

If you've yet to plug into the series, now is a good time to start. This evening (6-7 pm) features the amazingly named Rob Roy of Nostrana demonstrating whole hog butchery, complete with recipes, food preservation tips, and explanations of why these practices are beneficial to farmers and consumers. It's the kind of thing that's certainly been done in this city, but rarely, if ever, has it been offered for free.

Upcoming guests include a director and researcher for Advanced Neural Biosciences making the case for "the current state of cryonics as it is practiced in the real world" on November 13, and a designer, builder, and advocate of micro houses—200 sf structures that "provide a flexible, affordable, reasonable (albeit small) solution for residential use, urban infill, and pocket communities." Plus, the web site has videos of over two years of past presentations, so you can spend the rainy nights feeding your brain with something other than Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.