It is Calzone Madness Right Now.
  • It is Calzone Madness Right Now. (Featured calzone courtesy of Bandini Pizza and Pasta)

For awhile, I thought the best calzone in town was to be had at Nicholas—which is strange considering that it's a Lebanese joint. (This is also not saying that it's awesome.) I found a sizable one at Bandini Pizza & Pasta on MLK, and while it was respectable, it didn't quite sing. Oven and Shaker has one, I'm told, as does Al Forno Ferruzza, and I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting, but the calzone is hardly a common thing in Portland, and I'd like to find more.

In the comments below, let's start crowdsourcing places that offer this fine pizza alternative and maybe we can get a proper Round-Up going. I for one would be happy to do the legwork. TELL ME ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE CALZONE!