Huffington Post says:

The chairman of Barilla Group says his company will not feature gay families in advertisements for his products because he likes the "traditional" family. If someone disagrees, well, they can go "eat another brand of pasta."

Guido Barilla made the anti-gay comments during an interview with La Zanzara on Radio24 Wednesday. The radio host asked him why his company does not have ads with gay families.

This actually makes me kind of sad. When I was really poor, working two or three shitty retail jobs to make rent on my shitty apartment, I would always get excited when Barilla pasta was on sale for cheaper than the store brand. It was always a step up. And now I won't be buying it again, because I found out that the chairman of the Barilla Group makes his pasta for homophobes. Oh, well. There are better pastas out there, anyway.