From now until the 2014 Chili Jamboree emcee cries "ladles IN!" we're profiling each contestant's uniquely-crafted chili.

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Pie Break Chili
DESCRIPTION: Slow-cooked kidney beans with espresso-braised brisket, bacon, and jalapeños served inside of a handcrafted mini pie crust.

Octavian Jurj, the impresario behind the hugely successful Tilt restaurant family, tells us, "I developed this recipe through inspiration from [co-owner] Brittany's amazing handcrafted pies and thought it would be a fun way to showcase her pie crust in a creative, unexpected way. Oh, and who doesn't love brisket and bacon?"

Kenny & Zukes
  • Kenny & Zuke's

DESCRIPTION: 12-hour Smoked Brisket Chili with 4-Chiles, Dark Local Beer and Green Chile/Corn Bread Croutons

Ken Gordon, co-founder of this beloved Jewish deli institution, describes his chili with his trademark sense of humor: "This was the chili my maternal grandmother made when she was fleeing Russia and the Cossacks. Except the croutons were matzo, and the brisket smoked only 6 hours (she was in a bit of a hurry as the boat for Ellis Island left at 3!)...I took a few liberties." He describes it as, "A nice complex chile hit with a lot of smoke."

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