OMSI is kicking off a season of food science tonight with Seed to Cider, an "OMSI After Dark" (read: adults and booze) event that looks at the history and technology behind cider making—it also includes cider drinking, of course. The season is focused on Oregon agriculture, examining where our food comes from and providing an appreciation for local specialty crops. Other events also include drinking, but many are suitable for kids, providing the perfect parent/summer vacation combo of entertainment and education all in one go.

Highlights include:

July 25 – The Craft of Grafting explores issues of food and technology, including the difference between a heirloom and GMO plant. Recommended for ages 8-14. $10/8.50

August 13 – Cooking Local is an evening class, part of the Better Bites series, that focuses on healthy cooking. Along with a demonstration from Urban Farmer executive sous chef Chris Starkus, there’s a small plate, four course meal and beverages to enjoy. $25

September 15 – Science Pub is like being at the pub but you learn something as well. Tonight’s talk will tell you everything you didn’t know about quince.

September 27 – A (free) day long Harvest Festival than brings together farmers, growers and producers who all want to engage with you, the public. There’s also a demo kitchen featuring local chefs along with local crops.

Oct 3 & 31 – Natural Food Dye is a workshop where participants can explore the science behind natural food colors and even dye their own clothes. $10/8.50

For a full list of events, times and prices visit