It's high season for fatty, carb-y comfort food, so it is slightly panic inducing that much-loved Georgian food cart Kargi Gogo has announced that this Friday will be their last. In a note to fans via their home page, the owners explained they're hanging up the cart life, not for lack of business, but because they simply want to concentrate on other things:

When we opened in 2013, our intention was never to operate a food cart forever. In fact, our expectations for the cart were very low. It was a starting point. Most people here had never heard of Georgia and had never eaten Georgian food. We hoped a few of you would give it a try.

To our surprise, you did. A great many of you did! Every day we were figuring out how to make more food faster, without compromising quality or authenticity. We invested in special equipment, we improved our processes, we hired people to help and we worked nearly every single day from sun up to sun down. Soon, people from all over the world were taking notice: coming to visit, writing about us and even putting us on TV. Amazing.

After changing our menu earlier this year, our business continued to grow. We have had some of our strongest fall days ever at the cart, and our frozen khinkali get more popular every month. As we approach 2016, chances are good that another big year could be ahead.

So… why close? It goes back to our original idea about this cart: it was never meant to be forever! While it has undoubtedly been rewarding, it is time for us to move on to new adventures, both professionally and personally. We are ready to develop other parts of our business, to travel — and to spend more time in Georgia.

Okay. So, even if you've been hanging on to some vestige of a diet through the holiday season of diet-death, this is a really, really good reason to eat cheesy bread for lunch sometime this week, and to stock up on handmade dumplings (meat or vegan mushroom) for the months at home to come (950 SW Washington). You know you want to anyway.

  • Kargi Gogo via Facebook
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Also fuck yes YUM
  • Kargi Gogo via Facebook
  • Also fuck yes YUM