Brix Tavern | 1338 NW Hoyt

A perfectly poached egg may seem like a low standard for brunch spots in this city, but in my experience they’re harder to find than you’d think. Luckily, Brix Tavern has a weekend-only brunch where you can get an immaculately poached egg to top any one of their delicious benedict options. Beyond benedicts, they’ve got all the brunch hits with a slight Southern twist: chicken and waffles, biscuits and maple sausage gravy, and even shrimp and grits. Bustling tourists surround the charming street-side tables in the Pearl, and their spacious, exposed brick dining room would be ideal for any stylish, slightly judgmental aunts who happen to be visiting Portland. The best part of my meal was a complimentary cinnamon sugar doughnut with raspberry and chocolate drizzle that almost made me regret ordering a savory breakfast. BRI BREY Brunch hours: Sat & Sun 9:30 am-3 pm, $$$

The New Deal Café | 5250 NE Halsey

Just because you fucked up and had kids doesn’t mean you no longer deserve a hip neighborhood brunch spot. You also don’t need kids to enjoy the New Deal, but their ample play area (strategically located in a back corner by the kitchen) makes it possible. Their menu’s got all your favorites: biscuits and gravy, French toast, breakfast burritos, and pancakes. But the real reason to frequent the New Deal are the scrambles, made with cage-free eggs and served with seasoned potatoes, a variety of hot sauces, and toast or a biscuit. I highly recommend The Farm scramble with chicken apple sausage, but there are also vegetarian options, if you’re especially ethical. D. MARTIN AUSTIN Brunch hours: Mon-Fri 7 am-3 pm, Sat & Sun 8 am-3 pm, $$

Woodsman Tavern | 4537 SE Division

You will find yourself in a handsome but soulless room, appointed with rustic bric-a-brac and mountain landscapes, specifically engineered to evoke Pacific Northwest chic. You will hear soft ’60s folk-rock in the background and be surrounded by rich children and their tab-paying parents. You will see oysters on the menu, which you will not order, because it is breakfast-time. You will be waited on by peevish, disinterested waitstaff, who will seat you begrudgingly and forget to bring you utensils with which to eat your food. You will nibble on under-poached eggs benedict and burned potatoes, and wash it down with Stumptown Cold Brew from a bottle and not the superior nitro draft version, despite the restaurant being founded by the owner of Stumptown. You will deserve it. This is New Portland, and it’s your fault. NED LANNAMANN Brunch hours: Sat & Sun 9 am-3 pm, $$$

J & M Cafe | 537 SE Ash

I love you, J & M Cafe. I’ve loved you for years. I love your self-serve tree of coffee mugs. I love the bottom portion of your menu where you discourage people from wearing strong fragrances to your restaurant. I love your abundant and verdant lox plate, overflowing with enough cream cheese for two bagels. When I’m not in the mood for capers, I sing the praises of your Belgian cornmeal waffle with ginger butter. My friends always want to sit outside but I would rather dine in your large windowed, red brick interior. You are old Portland. Please never change. SUZETTE SMITH Brunch hours: Mon-Fri 7:30 am-2 pm, Sat & Sun 8 am-2 pm, $$

Utopia Cafe | 3308 SE Belmont

I go to this small breakfast spot on my favorite block in Portland probably twice a week, nearly every week, to chug coffee and eat good food. If not ordering oatmeal (because I’m cheap and want to be less fat), I alternate between either three fluffy and perfect blueberry pancakes or corned beef hash with half potato cakes and half sautéed potatoes. People also really like their vegetable- and cheese-focused egg scrambles. Every week they’ve got different specials for pancakes (peach, chocolate chip, lemon ricotta) and scrambles. On weekends they have fluffy biscuits with your bread options, and it can get crowded, but most of the time you should get a spot. DOUG BROWN Brunch hours: Daily, 7:30 am-2 pm, $$

Sweedeedee | 5202 N Albina

Got a friend visiting from out of town? Give them “that Portland feeling” while also proving how much local cred you’ve earned since you moved here last year by starting the day at Sweedeedee. Don’t get there early—standing in line is what we do here. Don’t explain the order-first-then-wait-for-a-table seating system either. Just nonchalantly hand them a gorgeous Alexandria Cummings mug filled with self-serve Extracto coffee and watch their eyes turn into hearts. Then order the breakfast plate with farm greens and edible flowers, a fried egg, and fresh-baked cornmeal molasses bread. My Japanese friend was taken with her first bite of rhubarb pie, an Australian visitor said the place was “sweet indeed,” and a Philadelphian acquaintance called her breakfast “literally perfect but unassuming.” Works every time. ELLEN FREEMAN Brunch hours: Mon-Sat 8 am-3 pm, Sun 8 am-2 pm, $$

Kornblatt’s | 628 NW 23rd

Whenever I go to this classic New York-style Jewish deli in the Alphabet District, I usually splurge on the East Coast Nova Style Lox bagel. The bagels are fresh—I haven’t found many bagels better on the West Coast—the large-portioned lox is delicious, and the cream cheese is perfect. Other than really good bagel-based meals, they’ve got a full breakfast menu they serve all day, with particularly delicious corned beef hash that I get when I don’t order a lox bagel. They know what they’re doing. It can get busy, but you can either sit at one of the tables and get taken care of by a server, or order takeout at the counter. DOUG BROWN Brunch hours: Mon-Thurs 7 am-8 pm, Fri 7 am- 9 pm, Sat 7:30 am-9 pm, Sun 7:30 am-8 pm, $$

Hunnymilk | 40 NE 28th (inside La Buca)

Hunnymilk is a genius idea, because it solves every bruncher’s biggest dilemma: Sweet or savory? At this weekend pop-up, you get a sweet dish, a savory dish, and coffee, juice, or the richest hot cocoa you’ve ever put to your lips for the flat fee of $20. Like any brunch worth its salt (and sugar), Hunnymilk has gained a following, but walk-ins of all ages are given crayons and vintage toys for the wait. Don’t let the fun fool you: The food is far from kids’ stuff. An ideal breakfast tray of crispy pork ribs with grits, avocado, and romesco sauce sat next to an exquisite and elaborate floating island of French toast with lemon-orange curd, honey poached meringue, elderflower strawberries, and toasted coconut. That’s a well-balanced $20 breakfast. ANDREA DAMEWOOD Brunch hours: Sat & Sun 9 am-2 pm, $$