Besaws botched burglary
Besaw's botched burglary Natalie Behring

The first full week of March sounded like crickets—if all the crickets had died. However, there was some food and drink news of note...

The Mercury reported that Kachka’s teaming up with The Nightwood Society to throw a big family style seder soiree on March 31. Our food critic sang the praises of After Dark Cookies, which delivers late night snacks on the cheap. Our beer team took a deep dive into Look Long, the new nanobrewery that just set up shop on Interstate.

And last night, the Mercury received word from Besaw's Communications Manager Lisa Ramirez that Cana Flug’s popular NW Portland restaurant was burgled after it closed for business on Wednesday, March 7. According to Ramirez, the burglar was pretty bad at their job—they managed to push over a 300-pound safe and tried to hacksaw into it, but failed to do so, and they swiped an employee backpack, complete with a laptop, before abandoning it—in fact, the only thing they managed to take was a half bottle of Johnny Walker Blue as a sort of self-defeated consolation prize.

But here’s the twist: “The L.L. Hawkins building that Besaw’s is located in is a secured building—all entry points require a key or code to get in and there are active security night guards and cameras,” Ramirez wrote in an email. “Strangely, the security cameras stopped filming at 11:31 pm [on March 7] so there is no footage of the break in. The Portland Police were alerted around 6:15 am and arrived at 1:35 pm, probably due to the woman who kicked off the morning by firing shots at the Portland Police [by Providence Park]. Whoever broke in is still a mystery and is out in the Portland area. Be safe, stay alert, and if anyone has information that may be related to the break in, please share it.”

The O broke the news that the upcoming Italian restaurant Il Solito, formerly Pazzo, will open downtown sometime this April under the guidance of former Renata chef Matthew Sigler.

Willamette Week wrote that Pok Pok’s Andy Ricker seems to be opening a joint called Pok Pok Pub just outside of the Nike campus in Beaverton—even though he and his team refuse to confirm or deny the OLCC application they filed.

And finally, after going nearly three months without a local editor, Eater PDX finally has one. Her name is Brooke Jackson-Glidden, and be nice to her. It’s literally the toughest gig in town with some of the jerkiest commenters. And since I have a moment—hey Eater commenters: The title of Eater editor doesn’t necessarily mean what you think. Yes, the editor edits other writers and guides what's covered, but the editor is also the chief content creator who's churns out stories without the benefit of a copyeditor. If you don’t want to see the very occasional typo in Eater's very free news coverage, Venmo Brooke some cash so she can hire one. Best of luck to Brooke.