Corzettis Johnny Nunn

It’s official: After hosting a pair of friends and family dinners tonight and tomorrow, Johnny Nunn’s Corzetti will open to the general public this Friday, May 25th.

The new Italian restaurant, courtesy of French restaurant Verdigris, will help bolster an already food-friendly corner on NE Prescott and 15th, which has long been home to Grain & Gristle and Pok Pok Noi.

“For me, this is like a graduation,” Nunn says. “I get to finally cook the food that I like to cook and that I like to eat on my days off.”

What that looks like is an amalgamation of starters (asparagus with a parmesan-sabayon), pastas (eggplant tortellini, corzetti stampadi), classic Italian dishes (spaghetti and meatballs, gnocchi cacio e pepe), and a solid roaster of daily specials (cast iron chickens on Tuesdays, shellfish cioppino on Fridays, and three-course family spreads on Sundays).

Nunn says he’s hoping to provide the Sabin neighborhood with food and drink that’s both solid and affordable (outside of the specials, nothing on the menu clocks in at more than $17).

The menu rounds out with three taps for local drafts, menu-friendly cocktails that make use of European liqueurs, and wines from Italy, Spain, and the Pacific Northwest.

Crozettis Opening Menu
Corzetti's Opening Menu

When it finally does open, the 34-seater (with outdoor seating for as many as 14 in the weeks ahead) will keep the hours of 4 to 10 pm, Sunday through Thursday, and 4 to 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Nunn’s also quick to point out that while dinner service doesn’t technically start until 5 pm, his happy hour menu (think $9 meatball, pork-lasagna, and Italian cold cut sandwiches) will be in full gear from 4 to 5 pm each day, as well as the last hour of service each night.

Corzetti: 1465 NE Prescott, 503-894-8125