Dont miss the Secret Pizza Societys The Wexler—only during the Mercurys SANDWICH WEEK!
Don't miss the Secret Pizza Society's "The Wexler"—only during the Mercury's SANDWICH WEEK! Secret Pizza Society

IT'S A FACT: The pinnacle of human ingenuity is undoubtedly THE SANDWICH. And at long last, it's time to celebrate humankind's greatest feat with DC Structures presents the Portland Mercury's Sandwich Week! And if you love sandwiches, you are gonna lose your damn mind, because starting RIGHT NOW and through Sunday June 26, Portlanders will be feasting on delectable, original sandwiches built by 30 of the city's most creative sandwich makers... and if that's not enough, each of those sammies can be had for a mere $8! Are you dreaming? NO, YOU ARE NOT!

The Mercury's Sandwich Week is not only a perfect excuse to shove a delicious sandy (or 10... or 20) into your mouth, but it's also a great way to support and introduce yourselves to local restaurants who might not be on your radar. (Check out our Sandwich Week map to plot your sandwich-eating path!) AND it also helps the Mercury continue the top-notch investigative reporting and arts/entertainment coverage you rely on every day. SO THANK YOU FOR THAT!


Check in at to see pics and descriptions of all of this year's one-of-a-kind sandwich creations—but before you start planning the most delicious week of your life, please keep a few things in mind:

And please, don't be stingy! Sandwich Week takes a ton of work—especially from Portland's beloved servers, cooks, and bartenders! Let 'em know you appreciate it. With money.

Each Sandwich Week location has more than just fantastic sandwiches—you'll also find excellent drinks and sides! Could you survive this week eating nothing but sandwiches? Uh... probably. But you'd miss out on other awesome stuff!

Due to its official status as The Newest, Most Beloved Event on Planet Earth™, Sandwich Week can get a little hectic. There will be lines—so if a place is too busy, just come back the next day, or hit another Sandwich Week spot!

The Mercury's got you covered with Sandwich Week updates, reviews, and tips on Instagram, as well as Twitter (just search the #portlandsandwichweek hashtag for loads of up-to-the-second info). And make sure you're signed up for Portland Mercury and EverOut newsletters to stay up to date on ALL the news and events in town.

Thank you so much for partaking and enjoying in the Mercury's food weeks and supporting small local businesses—especially those who may not get the attention they deserve! YOU'RE THE BEST. And, as always, if you appreciate the Mercury's daily efforts to keep you informed and entertained, please consider dropping a small contribution so we can keep it going!

Don't miss the delicious fun of the PORTLAND MERCURY'S SANDWICH WEEK: happening right NOW and through Sunday June 26! Your mouth never had so much fun!