Holy cats! Apparently Portland was ready to eat some burgers, because last week's Mercury BURGER WEEK was one of our most successful ever, with 48 great local eateries serving up amazing, creative burgers, and thousands of you cramming them all in your gorgeous mouths!

But ya know what? Burger Week simply can't happen without the hard-working service industry folks who worked their buns off to keep up with the demand. SO THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER, SERVICE INDUSTRY WORKERS! WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE YA! 😍

And thanks also go out to our fine Burger Week sponsors, without whom a task of this magnitude could never get off the ground. Let's give it up for New Seasons Market, Jim Beam, Laurelwood Brewing, Electric Lettuce, DinnerStar, and EverOut. Woo-woo-woooooo! 👏 🎉 Go give 'em all some love!

And OF COURSE thanks to all you burger lovers who continue to make the Mercury's Burger Week (and all of our food promotions) such a rousing success. Just so ya know, without these promotions and your continuous support, we won't be able to keep bringing you the smart investigative reporting and silly fun the Mercury specializes in—so just keep on eating AND if you can afford it, please consider a small monthly contribution to keep us alive and kickin'! (And/or sign up for our informative 'n' fun newsletters... that helps too!)

Finally, if you loved Burger Week, then start stretching out that stomach now... because the also beloved Mercury WING WEEK is heading your way October 3-9! Whether you're a restaurant who wants to participate, or just eat those delicious wings, you can find out more about it here.

Again thanks for supporting the Mercury, our city's fantastic food scene, and the people who serve you every day. Despite what some crybabies may say, Portland is a wondrous place—and it's largely because of YOU. THANKS!! 🥰