You won’t find any red meat in the Mercury’s new Food & Drink Guide, which hinges on the theme of “eating sustainably.”

But you will find a lot of meaty stories about the restaurateurs, farmers, food service workers, and organizations fighting to make Portland’s food world more sustainable—and more delicious.

The last two years have seen ice, heat, and smoke in Oregon. We spoke with local urban farmers, restaurant owners and workers, and wine industry experts about what the rapidly changing climate means for them, and for all of us. Because Portland is a veritable Garden of Eden when it comes to plant-based eating, we profiled the chefs of color who are decolonizing the local vegan dining scene, and spotlight some of the tastiest vegan bites you can find in the city. We also touched on how to make sure your trendy seafood dishes are sustainable, the hard cider that’s eliminating food waste, and the meals local chefs count on to sustain themselves through hectic schedules.

As any cook worth their kosher salt will tell you, you can make almost anything taste good with the right techniques and a little creativity. If we’re going to survive the coming climate catastrophe, we’re going to need that creativity, and a willingness to try new things. Fortunately, sustainable eating doesn’t mean sacrificing an ounce of flavor—in fact, as we found in creating this guide, it often means quite the opposite.

Eat up, Portland.