Do you own a PlayStation 3, but wish you had more games for it?

Do you want to own a PlayStation 3, but are constantly stymied by Old Man Economy and his wife, Mrs. YourJobBlows?

Do you hate hitting the nearest Gamestop every time you want to pick up a new game, knowing you'll have to listen to a sales pitch for the company's bullshit discount card from a socially awkward post-teen who hates having to repeat the speech ad nauseam almost as much as you hate not being able to punch him right in the dick when he asks "are you sure you don't want it?" even though you've rolled your eyes and repeated the word "no" often enough that it has completely lost all meaning?

I liked it better with the monkeys dancing around it.
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  • I liked it better with the monkeys dancing around it.

Well then friend, Amazon has good news. This Tuesday, September 21 (read: tomorrow), the online retailer is holding one of its famed Gold Box sales with a focus on the PlayStation 3. There's no word on what will be on sale or how deep the discounts will be, but if I had to guess I'd expect a handful of rad games, maybe a vaguely interesting peripheral, and most likely a PS3 console of some kind.

In case you're new to Amazon's Gold Box system, here's the company's official page explaining how the whole thing works. Long story short, Amazon announces items to be put on sale the day of the Gold Box event, then throughout the day (by which I mean all day; the Gold Box Sale starts at 12:01 AM) each item sees a (usually surprisingly sizable) discount for an hour or two. Once that time period ends, the item returns to its normal price and the next item goes on sale.

It's a lil' bit of work keeping track of the site throughout the day to see if something you're interested in is up for grabs, but in my experience, the massive price cuts usually make it worth the effort.

Plus it spares you the horror of having to go to the mall for your next gaming fix.