Anyone else getting a serious Quake 2 mod vibe from this picture?
  • Kuma Games
  • Anyone else getting a serious "Quake 2 mod" vibe from this picture?

Because living vicariously through filtered news reports just won't satiate some people's patriotic bloodlust, reality-based tactical shooter Kuma\War II is slated to receive an add-on mission that allows players to re-enact the recent military action which ended the life of Osama bin Laden.

Though the mission isn't yet available to the public (it's scheduled for launch on Saturday, May 7), controversy surrounding the concept has turned the 'net into a buzzing hive of conflicting opinions. Like, moreso.

Of course, this is no new thing for developer Kuma Games; previous Kuma\War additions have touched on such sensitive subjects as the Vietnam War and Mexican drug cartels, with all the politically correct sensitivity of Gary Busey circa Bulletproof.

Far be it from me to keep Blogtown's angry bees from chiming in on this burning issue, so what say you readers? Is this a patriotic panacea for our collectively wounded nationalism, or is this entire idea a tasteless cash grab by a company hoping to capitalize on the controversy which I am gleefully feeding into with every additional word?