I mean, I knew, but did you? I don't think you did.

Fortunately, a University of Oregon film student using the embarrassingly AOL chatroom-esque handle "ddrfreak5o3" filmed a documentary all about our city's most Hadouken-prone gamers.

Despite the brief 11-minute run-time, it's actually a pretty solid film, as far as documentaries go. Normal folk might be put off by the bits that delve into the more hardcore aspects of fighting games, but even that is handled well enough that the completely oblivious can grasp the basic ideas being presented with only a modicum of frustration.

You'd think I'd have a bit more snark to end this blog post, but no. I'm content with this thing. Nice work poorly-named U of O film student, you've done me proud.

[Propers to SRK]