This is the last thing you see before you die.
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  • This is the last thing you see before you die.

Straight up, you can't handle Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure.

The Flash game, designed by a 5-year-old girl named Cassie and programmed by a 33-year-old something-less-important-than-a-5-year-old-girl named Ryan, is simply too cute for your feeble emotions.

I mean seriously, it's a game in which you help Sissy (who "friggin' LOVES ponycorns") find ponycorns! You don't even know what that is!*

If you're willing to risk an aneurysm by virtue of your brain's adorability centers collapsing into a singularity of concentrated cutesypoo, go ahead and click through this link to the game. If you make it through the intense childhood whimsy of the intro, you might have a chance to survive the hyper-'dorable mouse-driven adventure game that lies beyond.

The Mercury takes no responsibility for anyone found fetal on the floor, in a puddle of their own urine, squealing with delight.

(* — As Cassie explains in her narration, "ponycorns are the best thing ever 'cuz they're like ponies and unicorns." Duh.)