Don't speak Japanese? Doesn't matter. Watch this trailer anyway:

Right? RIGHT?!

That was AWESOME!

Hyenas stealth-killing lions, panda fistfights, beagles getting it on; Tokyo Jungle is like Lord of the Flies meets Animal Farm meets a hyper-caffeinated 5-year-old on a field trip to a zoo that just so happens to be located in post-apocalyptic Tokyo.

See, apparently Japan has been destroyed somehow and the only living things left in the urban hellscape are animals. Not just local animals though. This game even includes dinosaurs, because Japan is just awesome.

You take control of these critters and attempt to live their lives within the ruined city. Bears claw stuff, baby chickens try to hide and lions occasionally reenact Hamlet with the help of Nathan Lane.

Unfortunately, the odds of Tokyo Jungle seeing a US release any time soon are slim to none. This is one of those games that Japan creates, a tiny handful of Americans find out about, and we gaijin spend the next half-decade pining for.

But hey, look on the bright side: At least we have dozens of rhythm games and corridor shooters. Yay?

[Propers to GameSetWatch]