Double points if you decapitate that clown.
  • Double points if you decapitate that clown.

The latest iteration of Sony's Twisted Metal franchise hits store shelves today, and given the series' affinity for motor vehicles and shooting them to pieces, the publisher has opted to promote the launch by letting you shoot an actual truck with an actual fully automatic machine gun.

If you browse over to the aptly-named, you'll be dropped into a queue. After a bit of waiting, you'll be given a chance to remotely control a belt-fed M249 SAW, which is aimed at a full-scale reproduction of the ice cream truck driven by Twisted Metal mainstay Sweet Tooth.

In theory, the goal is to collectively fill the truck with enough lead to make it explode, but as of this moment the legions of trigger happy Twisted Metal fans are doing a really piss-poor job of actually hitting the vehicle.

Apparently videogames don't actually turn players into hardened, hyper-efficient killers.