The Portland Retro Gaming Expo is this weekend, which is excellent news if it's time for you to stock up on retro console games, play pinball or retro arcade games for an entire day, or have those long-honed Mario Kart skills finally pay off. This year's expo also has a full weekend's schedule of panels, comedy, concerts, and burlesque. (Because Samas Aran, am I right, fellas?)

We recommend you check out the 2013 World Tetris Championships if you want to be thoroughly impressed by the best people in the world at arranging blocks really quickly. You can even enter, if you wantβ€”but you may want to scope out your competition ahead of time by watching Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters, the Tetris documentary that follows some of the competitors that will be hanging in our fair city this weekend.

The expo is an impressive thing: What started in 2006 as a collectibles buy-and-sell show with 300 attendees in a Vancouver hotel recently moved to the Oregon Convention Center and will be there again this year, both Saturday and Sunday. A weekend pass is $30 at the door.