To make a gross generalization (heh), horror movie audiences are known neither for their decorum nor for their taste—but I was still impressed by the sheer moviegoing ineptness displayed by the motley crew of shout-talkers and texters gathered at Lloyd Cinemas for a Saturday matinee of Carrie. But even that proud assemblage of mouth-breathers—who were happy to clap and squeal at any audio/visual stimulus whatsoever—were decidedly impressed by the trailer for Need for Speed, a film that (A) apparently exists, (B) stars Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, and (C) is based on the generic videogame franchise. Need for Speed's trailer looks like what happens when you make a 12-year-old watch Drive 30 times in a row, then hand them an Xbox controller and tell them Aaron Paul's waiting in the driveway with a movie camera.

There are videogames with great stories, but apparently making movies out of them is hard—so we're left with Need for Speed. Oof. (The Carrie crowd even responded better to Devil's Due, a found-footage movie about a woman getting pregnant with a wee little Mephistopheles, and my pick for the most hilariously titled movie of the year.)