Happy winter, everyone! Have you also given up on doing anything at all? Wonderful. Here's what I'm up to: while wrapped in my winter cocoon, I have recently delved into the wonderful world of "Let's Play" videos—that is, watching someone play a videogame so you don't have to. I had thought this was a boring and lame idea, but on the other hand, I am broke, I don't own a new console, and some of these people have amazing accents.

So here is my gift to you: Scott Manley. He speaks in a delightful Scottish accent, he knows tons about astronomy, and he makes videos of himself playing videogames and talking about space! So if you (like me) don't have the patience for amazing and complicated games like space-travel simulator Kerbal Space Program, watching him talk about things is a wonderful way to pass the time. Happy accenting, everyone.