Today we're going to talk about the future of gaming: specifically virtual reality, which is embodied these days at gaming conferences and twitter feeds by the Oculus Rift: a VR headset that makes you look like this:

OCULUS RIFT: Hip look for hip people
  • OCULUS RIFT A hip look for hip people.

Actually, the commercial version will be sleeker, but that doesn't matter so much because it's still in development. I've had a few opportunities to try out an early "developer kit" version of the headset, which doesn't have the more recent upgrades that can better track movement and thus make the experience less nauseating—but it is pretty darn neat. The game world is generally having a big freakout about how Oculus is going to change the world, and they're probably right, as the immersive gaming experience it provides is something very new and the tech is quite impressive. You have 360 degrees of game all around you with freedom of movement: it's really the promise of sci-fi delivering (finally).

I've played a few games on the Oculus Rift: one was a shooter that I never, ever want to experience again (if you are squeamish at all about realistic violence, making it EVEN MORE realistic is not the best idea); and another was a base-jumping game called AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome which is a pretty simple but fun game which you could play a bunch to rack up high scores, or play as a fun and very disorienting party game.

But here's the greatest game you ever need to hear about: Classroom Aquatic. Your goal in this game is to cheat off of other students' papers to get the correct answers to a pop quiz—without getting caught by your teacher. Oh, and everyone except you is a dolphin for some reason. IT'S AMAZING. Have a trailer!

Yes, friends, the best way to experience an inexplicably dolphin-populated classroom simulator IS with immersive 360-degree visuals, and if anyone tells you different they are clearly just jealous. See you all in the FUTURE!