Unsurprisingly, writer/blogger John Scalzi has been the most astute commentator on Gawker's recent outing of The Creepiest Redditor. (By "most astute commentator," I obviously mean "person I most agree with.") It's been kind of crazy to watch internet folk contort themselves into arguing that an anonymous commentator has some inherent right not to be "outed"; Scalzi nails that point home:

[A]nyone who goes to Reddit and truly believes that a site-standard ethos of “don’t reveal our members’ identities” fully protects them from being revealed or allows them to revel in obnoxious and/or creepy behavior without fear of discovery—they’re kind of dumb.

Adrian Chen appears on today's installment of Slate's Culture Gabfest, if you want to hear him talk about how he put together the Gawker piece. (Also on the episode: A discussion of Cooks Illustrated, which I somehow just discovered and is the best thing ever, and an argument about whether or not Ben Affleck should've cast himself in Argo.)

Personally, I'm looking forward to revealing the identities of all of Blogtown's trolls on my last day of employment with the Mercury. Haha just kidding! OR AM I.