All Jane No Dick launched Wednesday, with a lineup of local all-stars at Helium and no evidence of MRA protesting. That show—which featured Kristine Levine and Kyle Mizono—was excellent, and the festival continued yesterday with more opportunities for your face to be pleasantly contorted by laughter. Yesterday night's Phoebe Robinson, Kate Berlant, and Friends at Curious Comedy brought together a solid lineup featuring Elicia Sanchez, DeAnne Smith, Kristine Levine, Mo Welch, and Kyle Mizono alongside the headliners.


DeAnne Smith, who is Canadian, discussed feeling alienated by Portland's hipsters, with their hipster mystery tunes playing in hipster coffee shops and bands with "an actual wolf!" for a drummer. Seattle's Elicia Sanchez provided some much-needed realtalk about the myth that women sad-eat cake while crying, because, of course, it's hard to be sad when you're eating cake, and Kyle Mizono, master of absurd physical comedy, affably lost her shit over the Mortal Kombat soundtrack and clowning workshops.

KATE BERLANT Puttin on airs.

Kate Berlant's set was one of the funniest of the night. Berlant is an expert at putting on airs, delivering pretentious, pseudo-academic lines about intentionality, gestalt, and [insert yawn-inducing buzzword here] with a cross-eyed self-seriousness that would not be out of place at art school office hours, except that it's okay to laugh. And did we ever!

A very special All Jane installment of Picture This!—the monthly backwards-Pictionary comedy show hosted by Andie Main—followed at Albert Street Pub. There is nothing not fun about watching an artist scrawl spontaneous illustrations while a comedian tells hilarious jokes, but it's extra fun when the comedian is Sara Schaefer, who recounted accidental public urination (FIGURE OUT HOW LONG YOUR COMMUTE ACTUALLY TAKES, EVERYONE) and the tyranny of "baby-hairs," those tiny, two-inch strands of hair that take up residence around many a lady forehead, never to grow any longer, thus evading ponytails. This is Schaefer's solution:

NEVER AGAIN shall we be subject to the tyranny of baby-hairs, thanks to Sara Schaefer!
  • Pat Moran
  • NEVER AGAIN shall we be subject to the tyranny of baby-hairs, thanks to Sara Schaefer!

A T-shirt on yer head! She is brilliant. I can't wait to get even more life tips from these wisecracking ladies. You still have all weekend to see them in action! Do I have to remind you that our picks for All Jane are over here? Well, our picks for All Jane are over there! Go see 'em. Your laughter-contorted face will thank you.