Pray to end the anti-choice movement.
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  • Pray to end the anti-choice movement.

When I saw a tweet come up that mentioned Planned Parenthood, my heart immediately sank and I assumed the worst: that yet another clinic had been attacked (yes, I am a hardened woman, AND ALSO that shit is depressingly common).

And then, my heart soared.

Here's @pdxalerts:

Looks like an antiabortion protest at the Planned Parenthood on NE MLK may be short one sign today. And while I'm not about to condone petty thievery (although I'm definitely condoning abortion rights, because that's HOW I LIVE MY LIFE), consider this a little shot of levity in a week of fractious political debate. Forget Hillary and Bernie if only for a moment, and just think of this: Somewhere out there, an anti-choice protester is missing their sanctimonious, woman-infantilizing sign.

And every time that happens? A baby feminist gets her wings*.

*This is definitely hyperbole.