E-mail was not my primary means of communication, she has testified. I did not have a computer on my desk. Nevertheless, House Republicans are dead set on never getting anything done.
"E-mail was not my primary means of communication," she has testified. "I did not have a computer on my desk." Nevertheless, House Republicans are dead set on never getting anything done. Kelly O

As Business Insider reports, House Republicans are building a case against Hillary Clinton for perjury. Here is the only appropriate reaction to this news:

In actually interesting Clinton news, she has begun to assemble the transition team that will lay the groundwork for her to govern should she win the presidency. These people will most likely go on to be employed as cabinet members and attorneys general and so on, and most of these people are women.

As Vox reports, the chair of the transition team is former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

Alongside Salazar there will be a group of four co-chairs — Neera Tanden, Maggie Williams, Tom Donilon, and Jennifer Granholm — as well as an initial team of two staffers, Ed Meier and Ann O’Leary. Heather Boushey has been tapped to serve as chief economist.

I'd hate to misgender anyone, but I count five women in this group (bolded) and three men.

"The predominantly female cast of characters," Vox writes, "is likely a sign of things to come. Clinton has promised a half-woman cabinet, and she is building a transition team that won’t need anyone to hand them binders full of women in order to get that done."

The team has experience in areas from national security to the environment. But the team’s deepest expertise is around early childhood and labor market conditions for parents — indicating that Clinton might be planning to focus as president on questions of children and family that have been the policy through-line of her career.

Click here to read more about each of these folks.

Meanwhile, have you gotten to watch Clinton and Joe Biden campaigning in Scranton yesterday? Me neither. Let's watch together:

Oh, and in actual perjury news, Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane was convicted yesterday of perjury and obstruction in a case involving "leaking confidential information about grand jury deliberations to the media and then attempting to cover it up."