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The DOJ will try to appeal a Trump judge's recent ruling that overturned the CDCs mask mandate at airports and on other public transportation.
The DOJ will try to appeal a Trump judge's recent ruling that overturned the CDC's mask mandate at airports and on other public transportation. Spencer Platt / Getty News

GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! First, let's check the weather, and... oh, never mind, it's the same as it ever was. (But we can expect some sun on Saturday!) Now let's DO THAT NEWS!


• Washington County District Attorney Kevin Barton is in a tight race with a progressive candidate trying to unseat him, so what lazy tactics is Barton taking? Why, demonizing the city of Portland and attempting to scare voters into believing that he's "the only barrier keeping suburban Washington County from descending into Portland-level lawlessness." Oh, FFS, right?? Check out this super interesting article from our Alex Zielinski for more info about this lying sack of you-know-what.

• VERY MUCH RELATED: A group of wealthy Portland property owners, developers, and real estate people are pooling their money to unseat Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty while pushing the business-friendly Vadim Mozyrsky in next month's primary election. They're also throwing their money behind current Commissioner Dan Ryan—which is actually very helpful in letting us know who we should NEVER VOTE FOR IN A MILLION YEARS.

• Many Oregon nurses working for Providence say they're overworked, underpaid, and have crappy health benefits, and are now threatening to strike unless management listens to their demands. The nurses plan on holding a strike vote in the next two weeks.

• Today in "Not a Good Look": "Oregon has $5.3B invested in fossil fuel companies."

• There's a new craft CBD cocktail bar in town, and they're doing god's work to destigmatize cannabis. Check out our Janey Wong's review of Hemp Bar—and then rush over and try some!

• Here's that hot new movie everyone's talking about:


• In an attempt to freak out other nations, Russia's Vladimir Putin announced a long-range missile test, warning the rest of the world that those "who threaten our country... should think twice." (OooOOOOooooH! I'd be scared but I'm too busy laughing about his best warship that got sunk last week!) Meanwhile, the west continues to send heavy artillery to assist Ukraine as Russia presses into the eastern portion of the country.

• The CDC—with help from the Justice Department— is seeking to launch an appeal following the overturning of their transportation mask mandate by a Trump-appointed Florida federal judge. (Whose judgements should be appealed in any and every case.)

• The Tennessee GOP has kicked a Trump-approved candidate off their upcoming ballot—because she apparently doesn't meet certain requirements (which may or may not mean being approved by Trump).

• The sudden loss of 200,000 subscribers have Netflix shareholders worried, prompting the company to take aim at the customers who have been sharing passwords. Orrrrrr... maybe they should just improve their annoying and clunky interface?

• Happy 4/20! Let's support our local weed shops, and MAKE THIS HAPPEN: "Pot shop robberies are fueling calls for a U.S. banking bill."

CALLING ALL PIZZA LOVERS! Your favorite week of the year is here: It’s the Mercury’s PIZZA WEEK featuring $3 specialty slices at 28 locations across the Portland area, starting NOW through Sunday, April 24! Eat ’em up!

• And finally... nature strikes back.