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Its official: ODOT has transferred the management of 82nd Ave to Portland—and things are about to get a LOT safer.
It's official: ODOT has transferred the management of 82nd Ave to Portland—and things are about to get a LOT safer. FELICITY J. MACKAY / PORTLAND BUREAU OF TRANSPORTATION

GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! Welp, after two years of successfully avoiding it, I finally caught the 'Rona. (BOOOOOOO!) And while I almost certainly won't perish from my COVID malady, this is probably a great time for you to reflect on how shitty this world would be without me! (Let me know if you want any bittersweet anecdotes from my life to share at my HUGELY attended memorial service.) In the meantime, HERE'S THE NEWS!


• Want to learn more about the two centrist challengers being propped up by the city's rich developers and the police union to unseat the first Black woman on city council, Jo Ann Hardesty? Check out this thorough report from OPB before voting on either of those two puppets.

• RELATED (and you'll see why in a moment): As of today, Portland City Council has now given the final authorization to transfer the management of 82nd Avenue from ODOT to the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT), and the city already has $80 million worth of planned pedestrian safety improvements ready to put into action. (Oh yes, and be sure to thank, among others, JO ANN HARDESTY who oversees PBOT for helping make this happen—only one of her many accomplishments while in office. Ahem, ahem, AHEM.)

• In more good transpo news: TriMet has a goal of having an all-electric fleet by 2040, and today they got another step closer after purchasing 24 electric buses, which should go into rotation by 2023.

• Hey smarty trousers! It's time for the new POP QUIZ PDX, featuring fun trivia Qs about local wealthy stinkers, talented kitties, and what YOU'D do with a time machine! (Also enter to win free pizza pie! 😍🍕)


• President Biden has asked Congress for $33 billion to go to Ukraine to help them fight their lopsided war against Russia—which is more than twice as much as his original ask. Meanwhile, bombs are once again raining down on Kyiv as Russia continues their assault on the Ukrainian city.

• In a couple weeks, Prez Biden should have a decision about what he'll do about student loan debt. Right now, he's leaning toward forgiving some debt... perhaps up to $50,000.

• Here we go again: The Oklahoma legislature has passed a six-week anti-abortion law (verrrry similar to the shitty one in Texas), which will go into effect immediately if their governor signs it.

• Moderna is asking for FDA permission to start giving their COVID vaccine to kids six-years-old and younger.

• Amazon reported a significant drop in profits (a net loss of $3.8 billion!) for the first time in three years, causing their stock to plummet.

• And finally... if someone could do this for me right now, I wouldn't be mad at ya!