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Workers pass out donated groceries to residents living near the location of the Tops market shooting.
Workers pass out donated groceries to residents living near the location of the Tops market shooting. Scott Olson / Getty

Good Afternoon, Portland: We've got a steamy, hair-snarling amount of rain coming in tomorrow morning, BUT IT IS NOT HERE YET. Enjoy a dry one this evening, or just go full Portlander and enjoy tomorrow's rain stuff too. But about the news...


• Portland, how are you? Still looking at the bottle of good whiskey and bad whiskey, until you know for sure who won what during the primary? Mercury News Editor Alex Zielinski wrote up a thorough port-mortem:

Despite a new state law allowing mailed ballots postmarked on election day to be counted long after polls close, early results Tuesday evening had some candidates declaring victory by 9 pm. Other races won't be decided until all of the ballots are tallied—especially since the elections office for the populous Clackamas County failed to report any election results until early Wednesday morning due to a ballot printing error.

• Are the "I have COVID" social media posts you're seeing in your timeline showing up in the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) numbers? Probably not. But a combination of data points indicate the virus has a significant presence in Multnomah County and other populous areas of the state. Time to mask up again? The Mercury's Isabella Garcia has the story.

• In early May, the staff at the CBN Holdings cannabis grow facility, in Gresham, began a strike to protest their concerns about fire and chemical safety at their workplace. Unfortunately, as agricultural workers, there're experiencing roadblocks to the traditional labor organizing process. Abe Asher explains the situation.

• Portland ball culture heroes House of Ada will represent the city and greater Pacific Northwest, starting tomorrow on HBO's third season of Legendary. "We're the first gender non-confirming house on the show," Girón told the Mercury. "Making it on the show and getting to represent in that way is huge. We are representative of queer immigrants in ballroom."

• There's too much stuff happening this week / weekend—and it's a nice problem to have again. Don't miss "the most famous trans comedy duo of all time" Girl God at the Old Church on Saturday. WHY? HOW DARE YOU ASK WHY: Okay, Chase Hutchinson has the why.


• Today's TOP STORY IS DUA LIPA RELATED, OF COURSE. The Sun reports that Dua Lipa has joined the cast of Greta Gerwig's increasingly star-studded Barbie feature film.

• The death bell for everyone's favorite "podcast about the internet" Reply All has been ringing for quite some time, with rumors of staff burnout bouncing around the industry—don't burn your people out! Today the Verge published a leaked internal memo stating that hosts Alex Goldmann and Emmanuel Dzotsi both plan to leave the show, their last episode airing on June 23. Of course, it's possible Spotify will continue the show with new hosts because they are verifiably without class.

• Ukrainian fighters held a steel plant in the city of Mariupol for two months, despite near-constant reports that they were on the verge of devastation. Today nearly 1,000 Ukrainians finally surrendered to Russian invaders—a negotiated exit, but not a defeat. Though the Geneva Conventions state the Ukrainians must be treated as prisoners of war, the New York Times reports that some Russian officials have been calling for them to be declared a terrorist organization so they can be treated as war criminals. Today's episode of the Daily explores the story of Mariupol and the Azovstal steel plant.

• At the site of Saturday's mass shooting in Buffalo, New York the regions community fridge has set up a food bank for people who can't make use of their neighborhood grocery store, where the shooting occurred. The chain grocer, Tops, also arranged a shuttle bus to ferry shoppers to and from other store locations.

• This old journal entry from Bike Portland reporter Taylor Griggs speaks a lot of truth—and has us all on blast.