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GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! Here's your daily reminder that a) IT'S HOT! b) you can get $6 boozy, frozen cocktails in July and August from your fave bars with the Mercury's SUMMER OF SLUSHIES, and c) also just wanted to remind you to read some NEWS.


• Mayor Ted Wheeler has declared a city-wide state of emergency to combat the rising number of shootings in Portland, setting a goal of reducing gun-related fatalities by 10 percent over the next two years. But will his proposed plan work? Our Alex Zielinski dives into the details.

• Portland City Council has approved the largest climate investment in the city's history—to the tune of $107 million! Whooooo-WHEE! So where's all that money going? Our Isabella Garcia explains it all for you.

• COVID-19 cases are on the rise again in Oregon, and with them, a rise in hospitalizations. Unfortunately, our hospitals (particularly those in the southern and central parts of the state) are having a tough time keeping up with the virus as they are understaffed and nearing full capacity. (Wear yer damn mask.)

• Your tax dollars at work: "City of Portland agreed to pay Housing Bureau Director $87,000 to resign."

• Expect cooler temps through Saturday, but LOOK OUT! We could be hitting multiple 100 degree days as soon as next Tuesday!

• Thinking caps on! It's time for another hilarious POP QUIZ PDX! This week's trivia covers Portland's most annoying insects, people who pee in our corn flakes, and YOUR pick for who should replace Biden... if that's something you'd like.  


• Grab yer popcorn! Another revealing January 6 hearing will be hitting prime time tonight (8 pm EST, 5 pm PST) and will be focusing on what was happening in the White House while domestic terrorists were rampaging through the nation's capitol, and in particular what Trump was doing to stop it. (Spoiler Alert: NOTHING.)

• RELATED: A watchdog from the Department of Homeland Security has launched an investigation into why all those Secret Service texts from January 5 and 6 were suddenly deleted after investigators asked for them.

• Here's one for the Twitter Hall of Fame:

• President Biden has tested positive for COVID-19—but don't panic! He is reportedly only experiencing mild symptoms and is taking Paxlovid (a drug that can lessen the severity of the virus) while he works from the President's residence for the next five days.


• The House has passed legislation that would guarantee access to contraception to all Americans—against the wishes of almost every Republican (of course). Can you believe we actually have to be wasting our time with this?

• And finally... hey, Twin Peaks fans! You are going to LOVE this.