Good afternoon, Portland! Good news: We're cruising into a weekend of cool 80-something temps! Better news: That's the perfect temperature to enjoy a Burger Week burg on a patio! Bad news: You still have an hour of work left. Let these headlines help tide you over, somehow:

- Mayor Ted Wheeler is at it again: This morning, he issued an emergency declaration banning homeless camping from an extensive network of city streets designated as "safe routes" for kids to walk to and from school. The declaration focuses on unhoused people being a threat to children. 

- Oregon Representative James Hieb was arrested while campaigning at the Clackamas County Fair Wednesday on suspicion of disorderly conduct and interfering with an officer. According to Hieb, the arrest came after he downed four beers and refused to extinguish a cigarette when a woman complained—but I have a feeling there's more to the story. Whether or not the Canby Republican will continue his campaign remains unknown. 

- The Portland police are continuing to withhold the names of officers responsible for shooting at members of the public out of "doxing" concerns. What's up with that

- Gubernatorial candidate Betsy Johnson rejected the endorsement of former Republican lawmaker Mike Nearman, the dude who helped violent demonstrators breach the Oregon Capitol building while lawmakers were in session in December 2020. "He broke the law, he incited violence at our Capitol and he’s an extremist," Johnson said Friday. "I reject his views and any extremist who would try to tear the state apart. That’s why I’m running for governor." (Worth noting that she IS okay with being endorsed by white supremacists.)

- Portland Bureau of Transportation could have written this tweet: 

- Today in completely non-alarming headlines: "Part of a foot, in a shoe, spotted in Yellowstone hot spring"

- A Michigan judge blocked prosecutors from enforcing the state's 1931 abortion ban, arguing that the policy presents "real, clear, and dangerous" harm to those who seek abortion in Michigan. 

- The US sent Ukraine a $775 million care package of drones, armored cars, and artillery Friday to buoy the country's continued war effort against Russia. Meanwhile Russia has cooly refused to demilitarize the area around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in southern Ukraine, making the plant vulnerable to rockets. Militarized drones will surely solve this problem! 

- I leave you on a personal note: This fantastic interview by journo Anne Helen Petersen about gender roles and household responsibilities fully radicalized me this week.