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GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! Got one more hottie (day) tomorrow with temps peaking at 89, but dropping significantly to 77 on Saturday, which is more damn like it! Now let's get into some "that's more damn like it" NEWS!


•  Is even Mayor Ted Wheeler getting tired of the constant "wah-wah-wah" coming from our overfunded police department? Yesterday in City Council he let loose on Chief Lovell after the chief complained he couldn't do his job without more staff—even though the bureau is one of the biggest ticket items in the city budget.

• More info is coming out about the victim who was killed last weekend in a Bend Safeway grocery store mass shooting, who is now being lauded for attacking the shooter, and likely saving more lives. But in a complicated turn of events, this "hero" was also convicted of sexual crimes against a minor nearly 30 years ago. 

• The Oregon Health Authority is expanding their warning not to swim or play in the Willamette River near the St. Johns bridge; now people are being warned to stay away from the area upstream known as Willamette Cove near the SP&S Railroad Bridge due to toxic algae blooms.

• Look out, brain! It's our SATAN-themed edition of Portland's fave trivia game, POP QUIZ PDX! This week featuring devilish Oregon destinations, hellishly popular Portland strip clubs, and Satan-worshipping Republican Kevin McCarthy's visit to Oregon!  

• The super popular Lose Yr Mind music fest is THIS WEEKEND—and the organizers are expanding... not just in venues but also in musical genres. Our Jenni Moore has the deets!


A judge is considering allowing Trump to appoint a "special master" to examine the classified documents taken by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago—even though the Feds have already been through almost all of them, and there's no point other than to slow down the investigation, and... OHHHHHH, NOW I GET IT. This judge was appointed by Trump himself.

• Today in "vote purchasing":

• In somewhat better news: "Ex-NYPD officer who assaulted D.C. officer on Jan. 6 gets record 10-year sentence."

• A federal judge has ONCE AGAIN informed Trump crony Sen. Lindsey Graham that, yes, he absolutely must testify in the Georgia grand jury investigation into efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

• Very much related: President Biden will address the nation tonight (starting at 5 pm PST) and is expected to issue a warning about our endangered democracy and the MAGA Republicans who won't stop throwing matches into our metaphorical cans of gasoline.

• Once more, with feeling (to the moon)!

• And finally... in this game, there is no winner.